Tomorrow Waits For No One

by Bruce W. Hall

Few people like to be told what to do, which is perfectly natural. After all, it’s our life and nobody is better equipped to make the best use of each moment than we are. Wherever we may be, whatever is happening, we’re the ones in control. Control can help us pay attention, live in the moment, marshal our energies, get things done, and influence our future. However, the concern is when we reach a critical juncture in life not to our liking, not what we expected, or beyond our control.

In any such moment when our comfort zone is challenged, when we feel we’re not in control, we become vulnerable to the full-scale power of negativity and it’s harmful effects upon us, both psychologically and physically. A feeling of loss of control can influence our judgment, strain relationships, and cause disease. We see fewer options, feel victimized, and respond less then wholeheartedly to those around us. It affects everything we think, see, and do.

Decision making is an essential part of human life. When our lives feel threatened in the face of change, there are a variety of practical steps we can take to help mobilize creative energy and regain control. We can seek feedback from trusted family members, friends, or associates whose love, support, and encouragement can provide a great source of strength. We can work with a therapist, counselor, or a coach. These individuals are highly trained to give advice, offer support, or provide a service. Their techniques can enhance our problem solving and decision making skills. They work with us to develop strategies for a new level of thinking.

Self-help books like Brian Tracy’s “Maximum Achievement” can be equally effective. His thoughts offer a fresh understanding of life’s challenges, simply by altering perspective. Change perspective and you moderate behavior. Moderate behavior and gain energy to experience and handle life’s challenging situations. This is very practical advice. Ultimately, however, the choice and decisions are up to us. Therapy, counseling, coaching, books, and CDs only work if one is willing to think something different, and do something different.

Tomorrow waits for no one. Life is here and now and ought to be celebrated. When we’re troubled by change or overwhelmed in the face of a new experience, we have choices. Will we simply accept the idea there is nothing we can do, or will we rethink the way we think in order to lead a more fulfilling experiential life?

Copyright © 2008, by Bruce W. Hall. All rights reserved.

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