“I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce over the past 6 months, and I have found him to be an excellent coach. He a great listener, dedicated to his craft and very professional at all times. His coaching abilities have helped me achieve a greater success not only in my personal life but in my business life, as well. I have found that, with Bruce as my coach, I have more time, make more money, and stay true to my goals. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who is looking for a stronger, more productive way of life.rdquo; —Duncan Baird
Vancouver, BC

“I emailed Bruce because I am a struggling writer who needed to find direction in my life. This is not to suggest that after his services everything is perfect and all of my problems have disappeared. However, I can say he helped me fight my irrational thoughts and focus on the positive things in my life. He basically showed me how I needed to keep fighting for what I wanted, including ways to plan, research, and develop my present and future goals. Since I suffer from Anxiety Disorder, which never completely disappears, he helped me understand the disorder and why I suffer from it. He even showed me how I could work toward controlling it. The advice from the sessions I still carry with me today. I look at him as an angel that came to rescue me just before I ‘jumped off the edge.’ I still have a long way to travel, but if I need help once again I know Bruce is always there to listen.” —VLC
North Carolina

“I was extremely confused about which career I should pursue when Bruce and I started our coach-client relationship. Bruce was very patient, in addition to being wonderful in helping me to clarify my strengths and goals. He provided a relaxed environment, which helped me to be at ease trusting him and his coaching methods. His thought-provoking questions and weekly written agreements were excellent tools that helped me to realize the right career path for me. Bruce is an excellent coach and is highly recommended by me.” —Debra Ward
Naples, FL

“When I started to take coaching sessions with Bruce I was facing the seemingly overwhelming task of having to promote myself and market my services. Through the coaching sessions with Bruce I gained a much deeper understanding of my situation and my perspective changed. My feeling of being overwhelmed changed into courage. Goal setting, step-by-step action steps and powerful guidance was empowering and left me feeling confident, enthusiastic and focused and my business is doing well now. Thank you Bruce for your wonderful support to realize my dream.” —Deva, Psychic Reader/Coach
Virgin Islands

“Bruce helped me through a difficult time at my job. His calm and confident approach to my life really helped me see things in a different light. The attention he gives you is unmatched, making me feel comfortable to talk with him about anything. Now I am more confident and in control to achieve my own personal goals, thank you Bruce!” —Jack MacInnis
San Francisco, CA

“In my career as a graphic designer and artist, I’m familiar with the occurrence of creative blocks. They vary in intensity and length of stay. They are a great emotional disturbance—always unwelcome for the increased depression and stress they bring along. Bruce’s attentive listening and well-directed thoughtful questions helped me focus and look to myself for answers, some of which I have found as I continue the search. Currently, I am happily working and wish to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to Bruce for sharing his professional expertise.” —Pasquale Temperio
Port Angeles, WA

“Bruce creates a comfortable atmosphere, allowing you room to ‘dig deep’ as he guides you along with his powerful and thought-provoking questions. A dynamic professional who gives his undivided attention, exhibits genuine enthusiasm and provides you with the courage to reach in and discover your best.” —Elisa Zervos, executive & career coach
Whitestone, NY

“I was looking for a coach who would help me achieve my business goals without all the stress and anxiety I was increasingly experiencing. Bruce is a fantastic, very effective coach who helped me turn everything around. Now...I'm even more productive, but the stress and anxiety have disappeared. I highly recommend him.” —Deborah Bissel, realtor
Seattle, WA

“If you are looking for marketing guidance, Bruce will provide you with a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience, wisdom, and vision. Bruce has the natural ability of assisting people to tap in to who they are, what they really want, and how they are going to reach their destination. He is genuinely interested in me as a person and the success of my business. I appreciate the safe, honest, fun coaching environment he provides for me.” —Deborah Schmidt-Erickson, personal development coach
Northfield, MN

“Bruce’s boundless enthusiasm seeps into your pores whether you realize it or not. He makes you believe that you have the right to have a life (and career) full of purpose and passion – whatever that means to you. There are no promises that it will be quick and easy, but he provides key insight, concrete advice, and guiding encouragement that comes sprinkled with inspirational quotations. I’m so pleased to know and learn from him.” —JV
Port Angeles, WA

“Bruce has a dynamic personality. I feel that there is nothing he loves more than to see others succeed in business. His many years of business experience have made him invaluable to his clients. As he shares his wisdom with me, I am always inspired to take the next step that is needed in my business.” —Judy Geiger, success coach
Moravia, NY

“Bruce's coaching style is practical, wise, and sincere. His ability to isolate a problem and partner with you in seeking a solution has enhanced my personal and professional performance.” —Keesha Mayes, spiritual life strategist & healer

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