“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them,
but by building a fire within.”

—Bob Nelson

I am a graduate of Coach U, a Personal Development Coach and a Small Business Coach. My practice was established in 2004. Coach U is the leading global provider of coach training programs and produces many of the world's finest coaches. Coach U is accredited by the International Coach Federation, a nonprofit organization, which preserves the integrity of coaching through standardized credentials.

I am an active member in the following professional coaching associations:

International Association of Coaching
International Coach Federation
Puget Sound Coaches Association


“Brains that are not used atrophy. Learning, then, is an act of becoming,
which makes lifelong learning a realization of being.”

—Charles D. Hayes

It’s through my own personal hands-on experience that I became an autodidact, which essentially means self-taught, although self-taught is a misnomer because I learn not only from books, but from other people, experiences, and many other portals. My autodidact approach to living is a lifelong process that has enabled me to problem-solve, to approach and not to avoid, and to react to life in ways otherwise unattainable. Formal training is not without merit. However, I think education is not something you get just by reading, memorizing, then reciting, but something you can acquire anytime, anywhere, without hesitation or qualification, according to preference. Since, by definition, my inquiry is never over, I live amid a world of books—many thousands, on such diverse subjects as mountain climbing, the sea, art, history, science, poetry, philosophy, psychology, biography, self-help, business, and coaching.

Life Experiences

“Life is a progress, and not a station.”


I am a 4th generation entrepreneur and small-business owner with over 35 years frontline experience; president and CEO of Essential Marketing, Inc., a family-owned umbrella corporation, which includes:


Retail music business with 18 consecutive years of sustained growth and an active member of my local Downtown Business Association.

Online used and rare book business with five years domestic and international experience through Amazon and eBay with our sales record acknowledged by eBay as being in the top 2%.

Network Marketing

Led a largely inexperienced team to one of the top 75 moneymaking positions in our company within the first six months. Hosted a year-long series of nation-wide conference calls in support of my team.


Owned and operated a small, independent, family-owned specialty printing business for three years.

Writing and Publishing

  • Wrote scripts for and hosted a weekly series of Network Marketing conference calls
  • Wrote scripts for Network Marketing audiotapes, including the best-selling Just What The Doctor Ordered
  • Wrote and published monthly newsletters for six major Network Marketing companies, which included The Essential Health News, The Essential Business News, and The Essential E-Zine
  • Wrote and published the Money Making Guidebook, a manual for maximizing the benefits of using newsletters to help promote business
  • Created direct-mail pieces

Teaching – Art

Taught classes and conducted workshops in creative and fine art photography for ten years, promoting innovation and accelerated results    

  • Owens Valley Photography Workshops    
  • Death Valley Photography Workshops    
  • Relationships-In-The-Arts Workshops    
  • Ansel Adams Photography Workshops    
  • Peninsula College

Exhibited photographs throughout the United States and abroad. Works are also included in many private collections.

Teaching – Business

Conducted Network Marketing classes and seminars with emphasis on an integrative approach to customer service

Presented at several national conventions the importance of small business marketing one-to-one and the application of newsletters toward achieving that goal

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