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“Goal-driven, action-oriented coaching”

“That which you persist in doing becomes easier to do. Not that the nature of the thing
itself has changed, but that your ability to do it has increased!”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is coaching?

Coaching is a behavioral science profession that has synthesized the best from psychology, philosophy, business, and finance to help individuals change their life. Coaching is also a creative and collaborative relationship based upon the principle that you have immeasurable resources of your own—energy, wisdom, and ability—to draw upon, once you are able to focus on your goals and objectives.

Is coaching therapy?

Coaching is a distinctive technique born out of therapy but different from therapy. Therapy focuses on the life an individual is living as related to the past. It also concentrates on accompanying feelings and emotions, patterns of behavior, and any self-destructive tendencies. On the other hand, individuals looking to integrate ideas and methods into their daily life utilize a coaching service. They want to experience a greater sense of power, purpose, and direction. They want to begin with the present, and focus forward!

Who hires a coach?

Anyone in transition can use a coach to help fix, solve, create, or plan something, either personally or professionally. This includes entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, writers, artists, managers, supervisors, and even coaches from other disciplines (see mentor coaching for coaches, small business coaching).

What are some of the benefits from being coached?

Studies show that everything ever written or discovered about success, happiness, and human potential can be placed in one of several categories. If you look at the accomplishments of all high-achieving men and women, you will see these attributes characterized in their life:

  • Peace of mind
  • Loving relationships
  • Health and energy
  • Financial freedom
  • Goals and ideals
  • Self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Personal fulfillment

You can expect to experience a fresh perspective, enhanced thinking, improved decision making skills, and appreciable results as you move forward through the coaching experience (see testimonials).

How can I make the most of our relationship?

Be on time for each appointment and bring a prepared agenda that may include several questions, goals, and/or accomplishments. Be serious about change, be prepared to set goals, and get the most out of yourself in order to attain them. Developing new positive habits of thinking and change require commitment and direction. Your willingness to succeed is a powerful motive for getting the most out of our relationship (see Coaching Quick Quiz).

How do you coach?

I coach by phone. Once you and I have defined the nature and scope of our coaching relationship, established priorities, and defined personal goals, sessions are usually conducted on a weekly basis. A session may last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes (see coaching fees). The length of our coaching partnership may vary depending on your needs, preferences, and circumstances, but three to six months is typical.

What is your coaching experience?

I am a graduate of Coach U and my coaching practice was established in 2004 (see my resume). In order to share information, draw distinctions, offer perspective, and provide structure, I bring many available resources to the coaching process. These concepts, procedures, principles, and/or assessments are drawn from a wide field of behavioral sciences, business management and leadership theories, art study, and the humanities. They are designed to help promote self-awareness, evoke discovery, offer insight, foster shifts in perspective, and energize the creative process.

Can I hire a coach for a short-term, special project?

Yes! Absolutely! Some clients hire me to help them accomplish a specific goal or project that demands a quick turn-around time. However, it’s not unusual for clients to keep working with me after that because they appreciate how coaching can give them new ways to make decisions.

You’ll notice that my fees include no contracts or long-term commitments. That’s because I think the needs, beliefs, and circumstances of every client are unique. Some clients have been with me for over a year, with a variety of medium- and long-term goals. Others come to me with one specific project in mind. The natural, evolving, singular focus of our coach/client relationship will actually determine the length of time we spend together.

How do I get started?

Typically, coaching begins with a brief telephone conversation or email correspondence to discuss your challenges and opportunities. Each coach has his or her own unique style, personality, and methodology. No two coaches are the same, so it’s important and perfectly natural for us to determine if the chemistry feels right, making us, indeed, compatible. Test-drive the coaching experience. Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute coaching session.

Is coaching tax-deductible?

In the United States, an income tax deduction may be allowed for educational expenses undertaken to maintain or to improve business and professional skills. Check with your tax-preparer to see if you qualify.

Why delay any longer? You can change your life right now!

Read Are You Coachable?
Take the Coaching Quick Quiz to determine if you are ready to be coached.
Test-drive the coaching experience. Contact me to schedule a FREE 30-minute coaching session. I’ll send you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to help you prepare for our session.

“Bruce creates a comfortable atmosphere, allowing you room to “dig deep” as he guides you along with his powerful and thought-provoking questions. A dynamic professional who gives his undivided attention, exhibits genuine enthusiasm and provides you with the courage to reach in and discover your best.”

—Elisa Zervos, executive & career coach
Whitestone, NY

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