The Ultimate Stimulus Package

by Bruce W. Hall

If only the economy would get better...
If only more people would shop locally...
If only something good would happen soon...

Wishful thinking is a state of mind that carries into all areas of your life. It influences your business decisions, your instincts, and the way you choose to analyze and respond to information at your disposal. Itís an interpretation of the facts, reports, and perceptions that you would prefer to see, rather than actual evidence.

Wishful thinkers may start out in the right place, but hoping circumstances beyond your control will soon become favorable, can get you sidetracked by obstacles and setbacks. The perfect situation never arrives. Often, goals that are more realistic go unrealized. Actual problems and solutions are overlooked, or ignored completely. You get so caught up by the fear of making the right choices, you tend to hang onto the status quo and do little or nothing even though you are dissatisfied with it.

You can wish, hope or dream about change, but without creating a very specific picture of success in your mind, and an equally detailed course of action to shape the expectation, itís like pushing against the sea.

The main factor that distinguishes successful shopping districts is the attitude and innovativeness of its merchants. This is more important than size or geographic location and itís vitally more important than outside external influences. There may exist from time-to-time, poor communication, misunderstandings, and different agendas. The possibility for conflict exists everywhere. However, merchants with a positive attitude view conflict merely as a problem or potential problem to be solved, an opportunity to minimize a negative situation and maximize opportunities. This is called prosperity consciousness.

Prosperity consciousness is the ultimate stimulus package. However, itís not merely a financial situation. Itís also a state-of-mind, which can enhance your ability to take control of your own thought processes. The term ďProsperity Consciousness,Ē was coined in 1928 by Napoleon Hill in his book, ďThink and Grow Rich.Ē Although prosperity means different things to different people, in principal a positive mindset can enable you to explore options and take the necessary action to deal with looming problems. This is based on the idea that your thoughts create the reality you see and experience on a daily basis. In turn, this usually means getting better, more accurate information and feedback, so you can be clear about the true extent of an issue, and how it relates to you.

For example, the repetitive media onslaught expressing a dark and dismal economic environment can cause tremendous fear. Admittedly, close to ten percent unemployment is cause for concern. However, by implication, ninety percent, or over 140 million Americans are employed.

Mom and pop businesses start up every day. Inventors register their patents all the time. Investors constantly prowl the marketplace looking for just the right financial opportunity. People still shop. Money still flows. Even if consumers suddenly get shaky and reduce their spending habits you can move freely through this situation and take advantage of each opportunity as it presents itself.

Scientific studies have shown that, through conscious application, you can actually hard-wire or program the way you think to detect opportunities and success. Instructions sent from your conscious mind are passed along to your unconscious mind.

This process has been likened to a military-style internal targeting system within the brain that locks onto the target. When you consciously set goals, visualize them, and stop thinking about anything negative that might stand in the way of their accomplishment, the daily battle to keep your doors open and build a profitable, successful business is more likely to be won.

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